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Now, more than ever, virtual and hybrid events are a part of our daily lives and that isn’t going to change.

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Now, more than ever before, virtual and hybrid events are a part of our daily lives and that isn’t going to change. They offer convenience, save on travel costs and enable us to connect with others around the globe.

These factors alone will ensure that virtual and hybrid events continue to play a major role in the corporate world and events industry but there are others…

Virtual and Hybrid Events
We discovered that even in lockdown we can connect with others nationally and internationally. While previous events may have featured speakers from your area, and only attracted local delegates, now the sky is literally the limit for what can happen virtually. You can have speakers from any nation of the world and share your event to any number of international participants. Word Out Media offers fully produced virtual events, and hybrid events streamed via all the major virtual conference platforms, we can bring your guest speakers LIVE from around the world and integrate prerecorded video promotions, and PowerPoint presentations.
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Virtual and Hybrid Events

Whether it is a completely virtual event, where all the contributors and audience participate from a remote location, or a hybrid event where some of the hosts and audience are based in the same location, we can make your online gathering work for you.

Word Out Media are specialists at creating virtual events and hybrid events. We realise that everyone is on a learning curve when it comes to the latest technology and we can help you wade through all the options available. We also realise some events require increased confidentiality and end-to-end encryption. All our events are broadcast on secure password-protected servers.

Our aim is to ensure your experience of virtual events is completely stress free. To accomplish this we oversee the following:

Virtual and Hybrid Events

5 keys to Successful Virtual and Hybrid Events


Right choice of platform

1. Right choice of platform

There are several options to consider, whether it is Hopin, Swapcard, Grip, Glisser, Hubilo or Brella.  These platforms can be integrated with Microsoft Teams or Zoom and YouTube or Vimeo. We will discuss how they can best work together to serve you.


Clear production schedule

2. Clear production schedule

This is essential, outlining all the elements you require including a basic running order and, where needed, a script or pre recorded video.


A technical rehearsal

3. A technical rehearsal

This always pays off and sets everyone at ease. That way the key players know exactly what to do and when. This can include speaker briefings for remote participants.


Embedded content

4. Embedded content

Not only do we focus on connecting everyone on the day, but also on preparing any content you wish to share. This could be a video clip introducing a topic or speaker or creating a countdown sequence before your delegates or guests join the stream.


Everything in place on the day

6. Everything in place on the day

We arrive early, all preparations are complete, content lined up, and we are with you all the way to ensure everything runs like clockwork.

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