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Word Out Media has diverse experience in event filming including all types of LIVE events from graduation or award ceremonies to music festivals and corporate business events.

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Event Filming

Capturing an event on video can be helpful to charities, organisations and charities for greater distribution, both internally and externally.

For example an Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is something we have done many times before at Word Out Media, including filming Northumberland City Council Meetings.

These types of videos help take your message further as well as provide an essential record for future reference.

Event filming packages start at £1299
Event Filming - cage fighting

Complement your event filming with these add ons

At the event:

Whatever the event, we specialise in attracting audience engagement through tried and tested video initiatives that never fail to impress. We discuss your specific needs and come up with videos or mini documentaries in a way that promotes your brand and values.

Create video clips of guests or delegates

In the media world, these are called ‘vox pops’ and they generate an immediate connection with your audience. Finding out what people honestly think about a particular topic can make for compelling viewing.

With our years of experience we have learned how to put people at ease so they come across well on camera. We’ve also learnt to ask the kind of questions that foster maximum audience participation.

Event Filming - Interview
Interview Filming

CEO greetings and staff messages / Video testimonials

Similar to vox pops, these are an effective way to profile your team or your most enthusiastic clients. They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this is truly the case when it comes to video testimonials. Giving others the opportunity to hear genuine reviews from satisfied clients builds trust with potential customers and can rapidly increase your online image. Such videos are much more effective than lengthy blogposts.

We film interviews from £499

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are a new buzzword in the media industry. In a nutshell these are quick marketing videos that clearly demonstrate the benefits of your product or service. These can be viewed online easily on a variety of different platforms. They help to increase conversion rates and clarify any questions potential customers may be asking. Highlight the benefits of dealing with your company in a couple of minutes, it’s a pitch you cannot get wrong.

Our explainer videos start at £699
Event Filming multi-view
Camera Filming

Use Large screens for your awards presentation / graduation ceremony

For events where it is difficult to see exactly what’s happening from a distance, we recommend projecting all the action onto large screens within the venue. This enriches the crowd’s experience and brings an added sense of glamour and prestige to the event, like a mini Oscars! Of course by filming your event you already have a permanent record of the achievements of all who are being recognised so why not use it at the event itself.  It can also be streamed LIVE to friends and family who can’t be there.

After the event:

Share your Event highlights video

Having a professional highlights video produced during your event gives people who are unable to attend a taste of all that happened. This is an effective tool to promote future events. When filming an Event highlights video, we strive to capture a little bit of everything that makes up an event from the keynote speakers to feedback from the crowd. We specialise in creating fast-paced video montages of the event set up, venue facilities, exhibits etc that invariably create enthusiasm and excitement.

Gain maximum publicity

When you are hosting a press conference or product launch, you’ll want to ensure it is going to reach as many people in your target audience as possible. Video is an excellent way to achieve this and can be shared in so many ways to gain maximum exposure. We strive to create promotional videos that demand attention and draw the viewer to keep watching. In the same way launch party videos or informal clips of what’s happening at your event are ideal to use on your social media platforms, or in an embedded video post on your blog or website. Show others what they are missing out on! So they will register next time round.

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